Five hours north of our headquarters in Wareham, MA is the NSRA Northeast Street Rod Nationals. We attend this show each year with our full line of hot rods and customs. Last year, we won “Best Ford in a Ford” with our Factory Five ’35 Hot Rod Truck! Factory Five crew will be on hand to answer questions and show our latest cars.

  • In Alaska, Marty races to rescue his property from a deluge of snow runoff.
  • We designed the app to solicit responses from RVers who’ve stayed at that park so that you’ll get quicker responses.
  • We had Big Rig Racing download apk to shut off phone and restart game but it would still keep doing that.
  • The biggest event in the UK each year is Abersoch Mirror week, held in North Wales at S.C.Y.C.().
  • These days, sim racing is big business, and it has come a long way from the arcade games of the 80s and 90s.
  • Is this some evil scheme to get us to pay more money or to force us to become members or something because that is not fair.

Perhaps some drivers think of Steven Spielberg’s first full-length movie, Duel, when they encounter a big eighteen-wheeler on the highway. For many, Duel was a mediocre made-for-TV movie with a rather weak plot. It was nothing more than 74 minutes of a tired old semi-truck hounding David Mann in his orange Plymouth Valiant. However, it made the sixth spot on The Drive’s list of the top ten car movies of all time and Spielberg succeeded in making some viewers believe it could happen to them.

Truck & Tractor Show

Singer says the series has gotten so expensive, with a dollar potential that hasn’t increased for many years, that it’s tough to keep going. And now a cut-rate racing series in the US has been siphoning off NABRR venues by offering to race on the cheap. I made the dream a reality in my early 20s when I got my commercial driver’s license and then spent a few months hauling tomatoes in double trailers up and down California’s Central Valley. I loved it, but a single summer spent standing on the heavy clutch of an International 9000 destroyed my already-bad left knee, and my trucking career came to an inauspicious end.

Of course, this isn’t a written rule—at least, not for everyone—but there may be certain transport companies that actually restrain their drivers from picking up hitchhikers along the way. In this day and age, picking up a hitchhiker can be quite dangerous. You never know what their intentions can actually be. For every honest one out there, there can be nine that have bad intentions. It can get lonely out there but that is precisely why country music was invented.


Moving away from whatever terrible desk you might have used to mount your wheel or even just from your couch if you were using a controller—and onto a more appropriate rig like the one below—is a sound move. Not only will it better hold your wheel and pedals, while also giving you some adjustability and more control, you also will feel more like you’re in a car. Of course, at this still relatively low price point, you’re not going to get too fancy with a rig, so don’t expect any motion—you’ll have to look below for that. OK, now that you’ve walked through the valley of frugality, let’s get more pricey.