On June 27, militant and religious groups protested against the campaign, also called “Oplan Tambay”. On June 15, 25-year-old Genesis Argoncillo was arrested by three policemen allegedly for ‘not wearing a shirt’, although a blotter report that day at the police station showed that Argoncillo and five others had been arrested for alarm and scandal. Argoncillo was killed a few days later while in prison. On June 22, the police filed murder charges against two jail inmates who allegedly beat Argoncillo to death. During the 2016 election, Duterte campaigned to restore the death penalty in the Philippines. Duterte, who won the election in May 2016, supports restoration of the death penalty by hanging.

  • Rodrigo Duterte has been sworn in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 as president of the Philippines, after a landslide election victory in May.
  • Estimates showed that about 2.2 percent of Filipinos between the ages of sixteen and sixty-four were using methamphetamines, and that methamphetamines and marijuana were the primary drugs of choice.
  • Half are skeptical about the police narrative that the killings result from drug suspects offering resistance.
  • Most of the games feature Duterte himself or supporters of the war on drugs like his running mate and current Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alan Peter Cayetano and Philippine National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa.

The report said the Philippines’ “bloodiest killing field” was no longer Metro Manila but neighbouring Bulacan, where the president has transferred and promoted senior police officers. Witnesses, however, told Amnesty the man, identified as Jovan Magtanong, was sleeping alongside his children when officers knocked on his house door asking for another man. Jovan’s family said he did not own a gun and had not used drugs for more than a year. In one case police claimed a 30-year-old father of three fired at them, and they had recovered a .38 calibre pistol and sachets of illegal drugs.

Convenience Store Owner: ‘drugs Cause Crime’

The Human Rights Committee has frequently reminded government of their obligation to ensure effective remedies for violations of the right to life, including extrajudicial executions. The police report on the incident makes no mention of gunmen taking de Chavez into custody, stating only that a dead body had been reported to the police by local officials. As de Chavez’s relatives left their home in search of her, they crossed the gunmen as they were heading back to their motorcycles parked outside the alley. The relatives said the gunmen were laughing about the killing. The masked, armed gunmen appeared unconcerned about getting caught by the police for the killing, despite the heavy police presence in the neighborhood, suggesting they were collaborating with the police or were police officers themselves. SOCO police investigators came to the scene, and later asked the relative who witnessed the killing to give a statement to the police.

At a time when democracy is in retreat in many parts of the world, this case illustrates how popular harsh punishment can be in states that have failed to meet their citizens’ hopes for freedom, economic growth, and security. There have been 756 suspects killed in police operations since the war on drugs began, alongside 1,160 drug-related killings that have occurred, many of which have been attributed to vigilantes. What you see in the news, the killings on the streets, is not the handiwork of the government alone. As the President often says, what we’re dealing with is not a crisis, but a war. There is blood not just because of legal police apprehensions, but because the drug cartels are cleaning up after their own. The current membership of the UN Human Rights Council is laughable.

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